Introduction to ChatGPT for Wordsmiths - Video Recording Available

This session is intended for freelancers who have yet to delve into the world of Artificial Intelligence using ChatGPT, the wildly popular tool that will either lead to the greatest explosion of human creativity in… [Read the full article…]

CFG Experts Panel - Corporate Work Part 2 - Now Available as a Pre-Recorded Video!

Join us for an exciting follow-up to our highly popular expert panel event in January on 'Finding Corporate Work'. We brought back the same group of panelists for Part 2, where we dove even deeper into the latest trends… [Read the full article…]

The New Version of the CFG Job Bank is LIVE!!!

The Canadian Freelance Guild's Job Bank was one of the first member services launched following our founding in early 2020 with the merger of the Professional Writers Association of Canada and the Canadian Media Guild's… [Read the full article…]

Our New Member Services Page

Not long ago, navigating the services that CFG offers on our website meant visiting a land of links from a drop-down menu with no way to get a quick, broad view of what’s on offer to members, or even basic information… [Read the full article…]