Lynn is an Australian-Canadian photojournalist, wildlife photographer, and book author. She has raised numerous orphaned wild animals, including bears, cougars, eagles, puffins, raccoons, and seals; her experiences while doing so have formed the basis of her 20 books.

At three weeks, Tabasco is a tiny, helpless ball of fluff. Already, the little raccoon’s life is unusual: tucked into Lyn’s pocket or tote bag, Tabasco accompanies Lyn on a cross-country tour, making friends every step of the way.

And Crystal Fletcher, an author in her own right and the host of the YouTube Channel 'All About Canadian Books', chated with Lyn about Tabasco,  their wild adventures across Canada that led to coverage in major news outlets around the world.

This was one cracking good yarn after another.


The CFG Events Team