In person or by post:

Canadian Freelance Guild, c/o CWA Canada:

301 – 2200 Prince of Wales Drive
Ottawa, ON K2E 6Z9

Acting Executive:

Don Genova, Organizer and Chair, transition committee:

778-991-4439 (Pacific Time) @dongenova

Don is the person to contact regarding any membership questions, workings of the CFG website, and requests for contract advice or LinkedInLearning/ enrolment info. Media enquiries should be made to Don as well.

CWA Canada Staff:

Katherine Lapointe

Digital Media Organizer

Katherine is in charge of helping workers at digital media organizations (like Vice Canada and Buzzfeed Canada, for example) organize unions for their workplaces. Contact her if you work for any non-unionized media organization and need help to protect your rights at your workplace.

Nasr Ahmed

Associate Membership Coordinator

Nasr is in charge of the CWA Canada Associate Member Program. Members are largely journalism students and part of a community dedicated to connecting student, volunteer and precarious (intern, temporary, part-time) media workers to each other.