CFG will be offering a Media Card to qualified members. This photo ID card may help you gain access to exclusive venues or interviews and a QR code on the card will link to your member profile. Your member profile should be as complete as possible and your profile name should be your full real name, not a nickname or some sort of alias.

Your application will be reviewed by a panel of  senior freelance journalists for approval. Once issued, the expiry date on your card will be linked to the expiry date of your membership (except for those members using our auto-renewal feature). Please watch for an announcement of when the media card process will be available to CFG members and then revisit this page. Former media cardholders of CMG Freelance and PWAC will have to re-apply for new cards.

Qualifying for a CFG Media Card will also help you qualify for an International Federation of Journalists press card. This application process will be assisted by CWA/SCA Canada.