This was our last PD event of 2023 and we thought it prudent to stick to the theme for 2023: Artificial Intelligence.

As we learned earlier, most people have no idea how much A.I. is already part of our daily lives. It's in our phones, our computers, our bank accounts, the digital map you use to check traffic. The list goes on.

And as the year opened, we were gobsmacked by OpenAI's ChatGPT, the chatbot that seemed to threaten half the office jobs on the planet.

Yes, there are risks. Yes, you need to learn how to use this scalpel before you start using it. But if you're good with words, know how to ask questions, you can learn to use these new tools safely and effectively. And we believe you should learn how they work.

Watch the recording for a behind-the-scenes look at A.I. at work for the CFG.

AI Basics with ChatGPT
Prompt Engineering For ChatGPT (OpenAI)