The CFG Job Bank received top ratings since it launched more than three years ago. Now it's new, improved, and still tops the list of member favorites.

Have you ever wondered where all those amazing CFG Job Bank postings come from?

How do we find them? How are they organized?

Most importantly, how can you use Job Bank 2.0 to your financial advantage?

In this official launch of Job Bank 2.0, Curator Robyn Roste walked users (and prospective users) through its changes, upgrades, and design.

Robyn showed how the improved Job Bank works, answered your questions, shared some of her job-hunting tips, and gathered your feedback for further improvements.

This presentation/workshop is part of our “Making the Most of Your CFG Membership” series.

Find out how to make Job Bank 2.0 improve your bottom line, whatever freelance work you find yourself pursuing.

The only cost is an hour of your time.

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