Join social media experts Mina Einifar and Vanessa Chiasson on a tour of LinkedIn, the favoured social media networking platform for many working professionals. Learn how these two digital marketers use LinkedIn to… [Read the full article…]

Have you noticed that year-end wrapups for the last few years all start out with 'What a year that was...'? 2023 had its share of twists and turns, like higher prices for everything and chatbots 'writing'  articles for… [Read the full article…]

Join us for the first CFG Experts Panel of  2024 and discover how you can navigate the government contracting system to your advantage. It is, after all, the biggest purchaser of private sector goods and services in… [Read the full article…]

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm ET  on Tuesday, December 19, 2023  Online This is our last PD event of 2023 and we thought it prudent to stick to the theme for 2023: Artificial Intelligence. As we learned earlier, most people have… [Read the full article…]

No Regret Financial Decisions! Shannon Lee Simmons, the New School of Finance

Shannon Lee Simmons is an award winning Certified Financial Planner, speaker, bestselling author, Chartered Investment Manager and founder of the New School of Finance. She is a personal finance writer for the Globe and… [Read the full article…]

CFG Experts Panel - Negotiating Better Rates (Part 1)

Are you a freelancer who wants to learn how to negotiate better rates for your work? Do you wonder how to value your skills and experience in the market? If so, you don't want to miss this upcoming event by the Canadian… [Read the full article…]

CFG Board of Directors Meeting - Thursday, August 24, 2023

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CFG Summer Academy #4 – Blogging for Business

SATURDAY AUGUST 19, 2023 AT 1:00 PM ET Blogging for business can provide financial and career benefits, but you need to understand the risks and rewards.  This final session of 2023 Summer Academy wraps up with a… [Read the full article…]

CFG Summer Academy #3 – Website Best Practices for Freelancers

This Business of Freelancing Experts panel will focus on website best practices for freelancers: DIY? Hire a pro? Standalone or as part of a web service? As always, these sessions are based on the questions put to the… [Read the full article…]

CFG Summer Academy #2 - Level Up Your Social Media Platforms

This Business of Freelancing Experts panel focused on improving your social media campaigns, best practices and pitfalls. The social media world is undergoing some rapid re-alignments at the moment, and we will explore… [Read the full article…]

CFG Summer Academy #1 - Building Your Brand

This Business of Freelancing Experts panel will focus on Building Your Brand - the what, the why and the how - to increase your client base. Join writer/artist Jenelle Hardy, communications professional Lisa Tabachnick… [Read the full article…]

Introduction to ChatGPT for Wordsmiths - Video Recording Available

This session is intended for freelancers who have yet to delve into the world of Artificial Intelligence using ChatGPT, the wildly popular tool that will either lead to the greatest explosion of human creativity in… [Read the full article…]

Finding Freelance Work: Getting the Most out of Job Bank 2.0

The CFG Job Bank received top ratings since it launched more than three years ago. Now it's new, improved, and still tops the list of member favorites. Have you ever wondered where all those amazing CFG Job Bank… [Read the full article…]

3rd Annual General Meeting - Recording Now Available!

It's been a challenging year, with some good and not so good news to share with you. Some AGM Highlights: Reflect on our past year's accomplishments Address our challenges and devise solutions Discuss strategies… [Read the full article…]