Which one is best for...? As if having to learn how to use ChatGPT wasn't enough, a new A.I. tool seems to launch every 15 minutes. Some are free, some are freemium, some are hellishly expensive. If you create or… [Read the full article…]

Lynn is an Australian-Canadian photojournalist, wildlife photographer, and book author. She has raised numerous orphaned wild animals, including bears, cougars, eagles, puffins, raccoons, and seals; her experiences… [Read the full article…]

Following the close of voting last night, Stacey Newman is declared elected by secret ballot to the position of Director at Large. Many thanks to Stacey and to Vincent Gervais for putting their names forward as… [Read the full article…]

The impact that stress, trauma and violence can take on our mental health obviously applies to journalists, but also to many other freelancers juggling precarious employment. Dave Seglins, with the CBC and the Canadian… [Read the full article…]

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