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Media Worker Forum

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We’re excited to be hosting a free day of training, discussion and networking for student, volunteer, and precarious media workers. Food and drinks will be provided throughout the day. FREE – REGISTER HERE WHEN — Saturday, November 14, 11:00 AM [Read the full article…]

CWA Canada makes recommendations to improve Ontario employment and labour law

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CWA Canada Associate Members appeared on Friday, September 18 before The Changing Workplaces Review to make recommendations for updates to Ontario labour and employment law. We argued that too many young and entry-level media workers are currently excluded from protections [Read the full article…]

Unpaid and Unreported: The Structural Violence in Media Internships

Amanda Aziz
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Prestige can be an alluring quality for some. For Susan,* a 21-year-old student journalist, the impressive alumni—such as Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaatje—of the literary magazine for which she interned was one of the many reasons she decided to perform [Read the full article…]

Policy on interns aims to improve working conditions

Written by Kayla Perry. Top photo by Andrew Meade.
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At CWA Canada’s National Representative Council (NRC) meeting on April 17, delegates unanimously agreed to endorse two documents, both of which aim to protect media interns in the workplace. The first document presented to the NRC by the CWA Canada Associate [Read the full article…]

The Media Works Project

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The growing precarity of media work and the decline in labour reporting at most media outlets, led CWA Canada Associate Members, the National Campus and Community Radio Association and the Canadian University Press to create the Media Works project. The [Read the full article…]

Alternative Funding Models for Independent Media

Christian Deo
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Canadian independent media organizations face a critical question in light of the economic difficulties currently confronting all forms of media: ‘is independent media financially viable and sustainable?’ This was the focus of a panel discussion called Financial Models of Independent Media that [Read the full article…]

Getting Hired! Resume, cover letter and interview advice from industry pros

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Join us for an online Q&A for emerging media workers! Organized by Canadian University Press and CWA Canada Associate Members Date: Tuesday, September 16 Time: 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. ET Speakers: Käthe Lemon – Editor in Chief of Avenue Magazine,  [Read the full article…]

Mayworks Festival combats xenophobia of working world

By Catriona Spaven-Donn / Image Credit: Cass Gardiner
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The imposing Toronto skyline of skyscrapers and cranes frames Mayworks Festival Director Nahed Mansour at her office desk. Here, she discusses Mayworks’ goal of celebrating community and collective. The looming cityscape mirrors her assertion that, “macro structures are disempowering and alienating for the people.” For Mansour, working from the ground up is what creates an engaged and mobilized society.