Not long ago, navigating the services that CFG offers on our website meant visiting a land of links from a drop-down menu with no way to get a quick, broad view of what’s on offer to members, or even basic information about what was behind the link.

The replacement is a simple, visually organized, one-stop-shop for the majority of services we provide to members.

A single page, customized for screen sizes of desktop down to smartphone, with a description of each service, and direct access to everything from the Job Bank, the pitch forms for Story Board, the Members-Only Express Contact Form, and so on.

We’re helped along by automation that filters and automatically assigns tasks generated from our forms, or from incoming emails. We use the same system to track the tasks through our processes.

And it’s all managed by a growing team of skilled and eager member/contractors who are leading our transformation.

Check it out: CFG Members Services Page

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