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Freelancers’ concerns highlighted at Democracy Project journalism summit

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At panel discussions populated by major publishers and established journalists, freelancers made themselves heard.

The 5-Minute Freelancer Q&A #35 — Geoff Dembicki

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Vancouver freelance journalist Geoff Dembicki talks about taking risks, finding community, and the importance of mentors in the lives of young journalists.

How To Stand Out As A Freelance Podcast Producer

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Freelance podcast producer Jeremy Enns shares the keys to building a successful business.

Chris Enns talks financial planning for freelancers

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Variable income is one of the biggest challenges many freelancers have to contend with. But you can find ways to create stability.

Expanding your freelance portfolio

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If you can research, interview, write, revise and do some basic editing, then you can find more than one type of market to sell your wares.

The Born Freelancer on Embracing Procrastination

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Chronic procrastination need not be a deal-breaker when contemplating the freelance lifestyle.

Copyright, libel and kill fees: Negotiating a freelancer-friendly contract

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A review of some important contract clauses to look out for… and some advice on negotiating better terms.

Omar Mouallem advises budding freelancers at NASH

by Allison Leonard
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Mouallem’s session, “Pitch Perfect” broke down the magazine pitch into three integral parts: the research, the letter itself, and the response.

What to charge for your writing

by Rachel Sanders
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Maskell says it’s important to keep in mind that the other person — the engager — may not have these numbers in their head. They might have just come up with a number out of the blue (or have been told what the fee is by a superior) so you may need to have a conversation about it and explain your position.

The Born Freelancer on Classic “Media” Movies

by The Born Freelancer
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After you’ve read my list, please share your own personal favourites with us via the comments section at the end of this post.