Keeping CRA Happy While You Do You: Tax Tips for Creatives

Thursday, February 25

6 PM - 7 PM ET


Everyone wants to do the right thing when it comes to taxes, but not everyone knows what the right thing is. That goes double for self-employed or freelance earners, who have more choices and responsibilities when it comes to taxes than regular employees, and seemingly less information available. With the tips in this webinar you can keep yourself out of hot water. That means more time to devote to your business and sleeping soundly at night!

This is a free webinar for CMG Freelance and CWA Canada Associate Members! More information:


Sunny Widerman

Sunny Widerman has been a tax preparer and advisor since 2002, with a rapidly growing clientele of freelancers, business owners and professionals.

Through Personal Tax Advisors, Sunny specializes in helping clients take control of their tax planning by explaining the tax issues that affect them and providing advice tailored to their unique needs and goals. She focuses on a gentle, non-threatening approach to financial issues and clear, jargon free language.

Complementing her work as a tax preparer, Sunny writes and distributes Two Minute Tax Tips, a series of bulletins that present tax tips and strategies in plain English. The archive of Two Minute Tax Tips can be found on the Personal Tax Advisors website.