Following the close of nominations for the five open board seats, we have the following to report:

There are two candidates for Director at Large:

Vincent Gervais

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Dear Members of the Canadian Freelance Guild,

Thank you for taking the time to read over this campaign statement, you time and consideration are much appreciated.

Having gone over the work she’s showcased via her online mediums, Stacey Newman, is certainly more qualified, in terms of journalistic experience.  Over a decades long career, Stacey has produced a mass quantity of quality work.

There are two areas in which contribution can be made from my end at a high-level and one at a beginner level.  The higher-level contributions, are experience on boards and committees, and technical writing and presentations.  The beginner level contributions, would be from photographic and journalistic endeavours on poverty and military conflicts.

Boards and Committees

Contributions from involvement on boards and committees, would come from the following experience:

  • Board of Directors – Association of Collaborative Professionals of Edmonton (2015 - 2019, and 2022 – 2024);
  • Committee Member – Education Committee, Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators (2017 – 2019);
  • Committee Member – Public Awareness Committee, Association of Collaborative Professionals of Edmonton (2019 – 2024); and
  • Committee Member – Membership Retention Committee, International Association of Collaborative Professionals (2024).

The majority of the board and committee positions listed above, have been with groups that focus on collaboration, with most members having formal collaboration training.  This setting has resulted in high levels of productivity, low-to-no conflict, and the wide sharing of diverse ideas. 

The board and committee positions have also resulted in monthly presentations, to legal, business, and political communities.  Presentations have been on topics such as conflict management, alternative dispute resolution, and others.  

Writing and Photography

Writing experience consists of twelve years of production of technical and descriptive communications and reports, regarding financial matters as they relate to the law.  The purpose of this writing is most often for use at the Court of King's Bench.

This type of writing, while technical, is for a broad audience, as participants in the legal system, even the most educated members, are not necessarily financial experts.  Accordingly, this type of writing provides a combination of complexity and simplification, resulting in a high level of message conveyance.

In conjunction with professional writing, my writing will be pivoting into areas of greater impact, such as war, poverty, and crisis.  I’ve begun publishing articles reading poverty in Edmonton and Vancouver and intend to write similar articles for each major Canadian city.  Regarding conflict reporting, I’ve visited and photographed refugee camps on the Ukraine boarder and Ukrainian and Syrian refugees camps within Poland, additional trips are planned for areas of conflict.  Writing and photography excursions are fully self-funded, allowing for wholly independent reporting.  Please see the website in its infancy here:

Thank You for Your Support  

Thank you again for having read this campaign statement.  If you consider the credentials and experience outlined above to be a benefit to the Canadian Freelance Guild Board of Directors, please place a vote for Vincent Gervais by using the WildApricot membership management platform. 

All the best,

Vincent Gervais

Stacey Newman

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My name is Stacey Newman and I am a Canadian photographer, author, journalist and editor-in-chief based in Milton, Ontario. I have worked as a freelance media professional for over 20 years across Canada and the globe. I’m currently the editor-in-chief and managing editor for trade publications STAY Magazine and BLOCKtalk Magazine respectively; as well as being a freelance contributor to several other organizations/publications.

I have been a member of several Canadian journalism organizations for most of my career thus far including the CAJ, NPAC, and of course the CFG. I’ve put forth my name for the board position of Director at Large because I am interested in contributing more to the CFG by sharing my experience and knowledge on the business of freelancing in Canada as both a visual and print media professional.

I’ve had many experiences in professional photography, journalism, magazine work and event coverage that spans industries and topics, and I think this uniquely positions me to contribute as a mentor, advisor and advocate for other Canadian freelancers.

I’m a team player and I look forward to working with the rest of the board and CFG members should I be elected. Even if I’m not elected as Director at Large, I look forward to future opportunities to be more involved. Thank you…


Our policy calls for a two-week campaign period, which will begin on Monday, May 6, 2024, and conclude at 11 pm on Sunday, May 19, 2024.

Voting begins on Monday, May 27, 2024, and will close on Sunday, June 2, 2024.

The candidates may not use CFG logos, nor CFG communications channels (the CFG Facebook Page, Twitter account, Discord channels, etc.) for their campaigns. They also may only email members who have either posted their contact information publicly or provided it directly to the candidate.

Voting will be by secret, online ballot using the WildApricot membership management platform.




President (2 years): George Butters

Vice President (3 years): Virginia (Ginny) McGowan

Treasurer (1 year): Trevor Beckerson

Secretary (3 year): Helen Edwards


Thank you to everyone who participated in the nomination process.

The CFG Elections Team
The CFG Board of Directors