How does mentorship work?

After you fill out the application form, we'll get to work finding a good mentor match with your skills, interests and aspirations.  We'll then put you in touch with a mentor and help coordinate a meeting, most often in a coffee shop or at the mentor's place of work. This meeting is your opportunity to get some feedback on your work, learn about potential career paths, get guidance on challenges you've faced as a media producer and to ask for creative or career advice.

Read about the experiences of other associate members

Erika Faust, The Interrobang, London, ON working with Jason Osler, a CBC freelancer

Justin Fauteux, The Cord, Waterloo, ON working with Scott Russell, a CBC national sports reporter

Check out this article about the program on the Canadian Media Guild website: Share you experience – be a mentor to an aspiring journalist

Thanks to all of our mentors! - Check out our list of past mentors

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