Any time you do a freelance contract with the CBC under the CMG/CBC collective agreement, you pay 1.55% of your gross payment in union dues. That means you are entitled to becoming a member in good standing of the Canadian Media Guild Freelance Branch and are protected by certain articles in the collective agreement.  The Canadian Freelance Guild does not represent CBC Freelancers, and there are certain benefits that at this time that CFG cannot extend to CBC Freelancers. You can be a member of both unions, but if you are performing freelance contracts for the CBC we encourage you to 'claim your membership'. Go to this webpage to do so. When the form comes to the dropdown menu for Employer, select Freelance - CBC/Radio Canada.

To view the entire Freelance article, including minimum pay scales within the CMG-CBC collective agreement, go to this link and navigate to page 90.

If you think you are a CBC "Freelance Contributor", you can find some guidelines to this kind of contract here.

If you want to know about CBC "Freelance Specific Services" contracts, there is some are some guidelines and background here.

For any questions about freelancing at the CBC, please contact CMG Staff Representative Marianne Malo Chenard at