CWA Canada Associate Members are media students, volunteers, and precarious (intern, part-time, temporary) workers from across Canada.

The program is guided by a steering committee made up of CWA Canada Associate Members and a program coordinator.

What we believe

Media plays an important public role in our society, and the strength of the media depends on having a fairly compensated workforce.

Media must reflect the diversity of the people and of perspectives in Canada – The increasing prevalence of unpaid entry-level work is making journalism less diverse, as people from marginalized backgrounds do not see journalism as a viable career.

Entry-level workers bring value to organizations, and therefore should be paid a living wage for their work.

Employers, universities, unions and the government have a responsibility for ensuring fair work opportunities for emerging media workers.

Students, volunteers and precarious media workers need to work collectively to improve our working conditions and those of all media workers.

What we do

Support emerging media workers through mentoring, training and creating opportunities to gain experience and to connect with other workers.

Raise awareness on the rights of all media workers, including students, volunteers, interns and entry-level workers.

Advocate to improve working conditions and job opportunities for all media workers.

How you can get involved

By signing up to become a CWA Canada Associate Member! Click here to join.

Already an associate member? You can apply to join the CWA Canada associate members steering committee today and join our student union movement in the Canadian media. Become an informed member of the next generation of media workers, participate in union events, take action on issues that affect student journalists, and provide direction to the program that supports you.

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