The growing precarity of media work and the decline in labour reporting at most media outlets, led CWA Canada Associate Members, the National Campus and Community Radio Association and the Canadian University Press to create the Media Works project.

The aim of this initiative is to inform media workers of their rights and to encourage and improve labour reporting.

The Media Works project has two components:

Labour Reporting  – Fourteen labour reporting pieces were produced for Media Works. All of them critically engage with labour issues and many of them focus on work in the media sector. These audio documentaries, long-form articles and graphic journalism pieces can be found here.

Media Works Handbook – This project also involved the creation of a handbook on labour rights and labour reporting, which can be found in the Handbook section of this site. In the first half, this handbook provides media workers with the tools they need to ensure they are treated fairly as interns, volunteers, freelancers or employees. The second half focuses on labour reporting and contains advice from seasoned labour reporters and an overview of the basic knowledge necessary for media workers to engage in labour reporting.

Please use this handbook often and share widely! And don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about your work in the media.

Browse the handbook below or download a pdf version here: Media Works Handbook – 2015


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