Insecure work is today’s reality…

Creative unionism is the antidote.

The Canadian Media Guild‘s freelance membership was designed to help fill the growing social and workforce gaps created by today’s harsh economy. We’ve sought innovative supports for self-employed workers in media, communications, IT, creative, cultural, community and knowledge sectors. As freelancers increase in number, we can dramatically increase our clout if we pool our resources and join together constructively.

Membership with CMG opens the door to support for ongoing education and training, expertise to help negotiate contracts, resources to help build your freelance work, and affordable health, dental and insurance options for you and your family.

We’ve built a whole new space for freelancers.We invite you to come inside, take advantage and help us build more, together.

Who is Eligible?

Whether you are an employee some of the time or a member of another union through another job, you can join CMG Freelance. You may be freelancing as an individual, or through an association, collective or professional group (such as the Canadian Writers Group). We offer membership for individuals, and welcome self-organized collectives, cooperatives and associations to become members as well.

Whether you’re a beginner at your craft, an emerging or newly independent professional, or have a lifetime of expertise freelancing in your field, we welcome you. Regardless of your citizenship status, place of residence or mobility, you can join CMG Freelance.

There are no restrictions to membership.

Whatever your talent or stage of professional experience, for an annual fee of $150, you can join Canadian Media Guild Freelance, connect with others across Canada and around the world, and enjoy the benefits of people for people, not profits.