The Canadian Freelance Guild offers a Media Card at no charge to qualified member journalists. This photo ID card may help you gain access to exclusive venues or interviews and a QR code on the card will link to your member profile on the CFG website, so you should fill out your profile as completely as possible. Applicants must demonstrate current or recent paid work in a journalistic field via your application and references in order to qualify for the card.  

Your application will be reviewed by a panel of  senior freelance journalists for approval. Once approved, your card is good for two years as long as you remain a member in good standing during that time. After two years, you will be sent a new card on your next membership anniversary date.  Former media cardholders of CMG Freelance and PWAC will have to re-apply for new cards.

Qualifying for a CFG Media Card means you will also qualify for an International Federation of Journalists press card. (A fee applies to this card.) This application process will be assisted by CWA/SCA Canada.

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